helping hands


Meet those who believe “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves”

The Most Active Volunteers

Great things come as a virtue of those who passionately work together to achieve eminence, nothing great is ever accomplished with only two hands.

How can you help?


If you are person with good skills in the field of cinematography and you like to explore. Then you can join hands with us. 

Your cinematography can inspire people to help the vanishing cultures replenish and prosper again. 


If you take pictures that talk to the person viewing it with the immense aesthetic beauty of the image and you like to travel then you can join hands with us.

Your photography can help us to explain the world the cultural vividness and wealth of our nation

Content Writing

If you write stories that echo in the reader’s minds for years and you have a love for the cultural diversity of our nation. Then you can join hands with us.

Your blog posts will help us convey the importance of saving the cultural wealth of our nation for our own future.

Why we need you?

Capture the Culture

Whenever we find a cultural gem we aspire to preserve the ethnicity and traditions like folk music, festivals, beliefs and arts through our website.
You can help us digitalize the ethnicity of a culture with your photography, cinematography and writing skills

Content Creation

Our team with collaborations with different folk artists create documentaries, blogs and other forms to represent a culture and save its long lasting legacy forever. Your skills as a cinematographer, writer, photographer will help our team to create the content that can inspire people to lend a helping hand to vanishing cultures.

Together we can save the cultural wealth of our nation!