along with us


We have been fortunate to have our partners who always lend a hand of help whenever we we need them. 

Alone we could have done so little but together we have done so much. 

our partners

designing bulls

As a ‘tech-buddy’ Designing Bulls has helped us pull out tedious technical tasks with ease. Their services have always come in handy in the moments of  need for us. We are  grateful to Designing Bulls for helping us bring about a revolution for folk arts.




nitanju events

As our events partner, Nitanju Events has always given extra-ordinary efforts in making our events successful. Their unique approach and passion has transformed impossible into possible every time. We are very grateful to Nitanju Events for standing with us. 

Kaps Creations

Words are the most powerful tool our mankind has. We can convey our thoughts with others only with words and it is extremely important to choose correct words. Kaps creations as our content partner has helped us create content that inspires people to lend a helping hand to the vanishing cultures. We are very grateful to Kaps Creations for being there for us. 

Aesthetic pHotobooth

Pictures have the talk to the viewer without a single word. Explaining cultures through pictures of the candid traditions and values make people respect the importance of saving the culture. Aesthetic Photograhy as our visuals partner has enabled us to reach people with the fantastic  photos and videos captured by them. We are grateful to have Aesthetic Photography for helping us show the aesthetic beauty of our cultures to  the world.

Partner with us

And give native cultures a new life