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E-mail us with you creative blog, video or photo album of a particular cultural heritage. We will be looking into the depth of the content, so do not think of copying anything. The content must be unique and it should cover the traditional and aesthetic aspect of a place.

Your can choose any one from the seven categories and set your content in the boundaries of that particular category. 

We will feature the most unique and the most ground-breaking content on our website and the person will also be entitled to cash prizes.


Blog posts

Write about the ethnicity of a place with creativeness and explain the traditions and heritage of a culture through your post. We will feature the most unique and best blog on our website.


Share with us your photo album about a particular place with a strong cultural and traditional history. Your pictures must be original and also should explain the culture easily. If your photo album can inspire then we will feature your album on our website.


Make a video about a place with cultural and traditional heritage, share the video with us. If your video is able to cover the vividness of a culture and its vibrance then we will feature your video on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should create the content in such a way that it explains a culture, its traditions and the heritage. Your content should inspire people to lend a helping hand to the ethnicity whose cultures are vanishing.

Your should not copy the content from anywhere it should be original and unique.You should be the sole owner of the copyright to the content. It is highly despised if you try any type of plagiarism

We will willingly entitle a person to cash prizes, if their content is the most unique and it has a strong message for saving the cultural wealth of the nation.

"Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power of shaping our nation's future."
Help us save the cultural wealth of our nation ?