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The cultures hidden under the sands of time need to be unearthed. You can help us show the world the cultural wealth of our nation.

A sweet gesture from you will help preserve a legacy for future.

What we do?


We go from place to place searching for hidden cultural gems in our country. In this journey for cultures, from mountains to deserts, we don't leave a single stone unturned.

Capture the Culture

Whenever we find a cultural gem we aspire to preserve the ethnicity and traditions like folk music, festivals, beliefs and arts through our website.

Content Creation

Our team with collaborations with different folk artists create documentaries, blogs and other forms to represent a culture and save its long lasting legacy forever .

How can you help?


In our efforts to reach every corner of the country to bring out the unseen cultures, we incur costs for travelling and explorations. Also we help the folk arts to replenish and grow.

With a generous gift from you, we will be able to reveal one more culture and many more arts will be preserved.

Help us to  help a long forgotten legacy to save it self from vanishing.


In this new of globalization, folk arts and folk artists are suffering and if we do not take actions now, we will soon loose the whimsical beauty of these ancient arts.

That’s why we  plan events and competitions to help the folk arts and artist survive.  

You can help us organize these events at a huge level and make sure that the old arts do not go extinct. 


We value your time as much as we value finances. You can help us in our process of content creation and research for lost cultures and arts.

Your insights might enable us to find lost traditions and help them survive the swords of time and globalization.

Join hands with us donate your time in saving the cultural wealth of our nation and make it immortal.

Together we can save the cultural wealth of our nation!